Second Medical Opinion

I was out for six months. I hated it. I wish I had Re-Claim three years ago.

— Linora Low

Sometimes, the opinion of one doctor just doesn't cut it. Not when it involves something as vital as your body.
With Re-Claim, we grant you exclusive access to BestDoctors™ for a second medical opinion from their team of medical experts.
You can submit medical questions online to carefully selected, world leading medical experts and receive an answer within 48 hours.
These medical professionals are leading experts in treating sports injuries in their field and for some, even provide world-leading medical advice to professional athletes and teams such as the New Zealand All-Blacks and numerous US major league teams.
With BestDoctors™ you get peace of mind:

  • Complete review of your diagnosis and treatment.

  • Expert answers about your treatment or health condition.

  • Comprehensive reports, either confirming the diagnosis or recommending a change within 5-7 days, including suggestions for treatment options.

Access to this amazing service is normally RM200 for one consultation, but by joining Team Re-Claim it’s totally FREE.