International Cover

I can compete and travel overseas for sporting adventures without having to worry about what would happen if I have an accident.

— Shahrom Abdullah

What happens if you have a sports accident overseas? Are you covered? With Re-Claim you get 24-hour, worldwide protection.

1. Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation:

  • Helicopter and medical evacuation from the site of the accident

  • Repatriation and transport to the nearest hospital or back home to Malaysia

2. Overseas Treatment

You’re not only covered for overseas treatment as a result of an accident in another country, we’ll also cover you for treatment overseas if it is recommended by the attending doctor in Malaysia that you be transferred to a hospital outside of Malaysia for specialist treatment.
All you need to do is prove that the treatment, assistance or aid required overseas is not possible in Malaysia.
We will review and approve the necessity of the overseas treatment and top up or pay the full amount of your medical bill.